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19 Mar 2018

All that you need to know about Anti-wrinkle injections

All that you need to know about Anti-wrinkle injections

What are Anti-wrinkle injections?

Botulinum toxin (known more commonly as Anti-wrinkle injections) is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum in a liquid form. The substance, by ALLERGAN in Westport, is a multi-million dollar company who invests in creating the highest quality of products. Anti-wrinkle injections works by preventing the release of neurotransmitters from nerves to muscles resulting in softening dynamic lines. This relaxes the muscle and prevents it from contracting and the skin is smoothed in the most effective way. Untreated muscles are not affected, nor are normal facial expressions. Therefore Anti-wrinkle injections can safely be used to achieve a youthful appearance by softening visible lines and reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles.

It has been around for more than a century, but not until 1980 was the toxin used to treat a number of medical problems. From the 1990s onward, Anti-wrinkle injections Injections have been frequently used in cosmetic and aesthetic contexts all around the world and its popularity increases every day.
Anti-wrinkle injectables and dermal fillers are tried and tested in millions of treatments globally and are safe and effective when administered by a doctor who has correct understanding of the underlying facial muscles.

At Deerpark Aesthetic, anti-wrinkle injections are performed by our fully qualified doctors and all safety procedures are ensured to the maximum. We only use genuine Anti-wrinkle injections and high quality products to achieve the best and most natural results.


  • Smoothes lines and wrinkles on the forehead
  • Reduces the appearance of crow’s feet
  • Softens frown lines & delays the deepening of lines & wrinkles
  • Delivers a fresher, more youthful appearance
  • Great confidence booster
  • Preventative treatment

How does Anti-wrinkle injections work?

Using very fine needles, similar to the ones used in acupuncture sessions, the product is injected into the requested area. It normally only takes a few minutes to administer the anti-wrinkle injections and it is not particularly painful. Users generally rate the pain 3 out of 10.

Side effects can occur in the form of minor bruising at the site of the injection, so don’t take any medication that thins the blood (like aspirin) for several days prior to your treatment. Headaches and drooping eyelids or eyebrows can occur but in extremely rare occasions. It happens in less than 1% of cases and they usually return to their natural position within a few weeks.

If you’re breastfeeding, pregnant, or plan to become pregnant, we recommend that you do not get Anti-wrinkle injections done!

Where to use Anti-wrinkle injections?

Most commonly treated areas are the vertical lines known as the number 11 lines between the eyebrows, horizontal wrinkles of the forehead and wrinkles around the corners of the eyes. The injected dose depends on the desired results but we always advise our patients to go for a more natural look.

Less is more with anti-wrinkle or preventative treatments.

The skin above the muscles develop a smoother look, generally within 3-14 days. The time that the effects of the injection will last differs from patient to patient. It usually regulates between 3 to 4 months but some may last longer.

At Deerpark Aesthetics we strive to achieve subtle but highly effective results. With this in mind, two weeks after the first session we invite our patients back for a reassessment and if required or desired we will administer additional product at no additional charge.

Why chose Deerpark Aesthetics?

  • Our practitioner is a qualified doctor using only genuine Botulinum Toxin (never Dysport, Azzalure or any other fake quality products).
  • We offer a free first consultation to ensure that you have received all information before committing to the treatments.
  • We provide a treatment plan to outline how much work needs to be done and how often you’ll need to return.
  • We understand the ongoing cost of keeping up with the treatments thus, we offer a free two week top-up.
  • We make sure to leave several days after attending your first consultation and before getting treatment done to give you plenty of time to think about your decision
  • Throughout medical check-up, to ensure your suitability for treatment.
  • Detailed aftercare information and excellent treatment advice
  • Flexible appointments and late closing
  • Quick procedures, it can be done at lunch time in as little as 15 minutes
  • Professional and confidential treatment

Cost of Anti-wrinkle injections.

The overall cost of an anti wrinkle treatment will depend on the volume of product needed to achieve the desired effect.
At Deerpark Aesthetics we charge per area treated with Anti Wrinkle Injections.
For example, frown Lines, worry lines and smile lines are all considered as individual areas.

If you have any questions about Anti-wrinkle injections or any other anti wrinkle treatments which are not addressed here or if you would like to book your free consultation with Deerpark Aesthetics please call 085 152 2207 or email: hello@deerparkaesthetics.ie

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